1-7L Portable Oxygen Concentrator / Support 2 People Use At Same Time

A non-medical design makes this oxygen machine look good. But it's the rugged interior and multifunctionality that really will impress! Our oxygen machine has been functional tested in real world environments, including impacts and temperatures, to deliver reliable performance day in and day out.


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    ● No Prescription Needed

    ● Oxygen Output Concentration Levels: 30%-90%

    ● Continuous Flow Range: 1-7L/min (Adjustable)

    ● Anion: ≥ 8 Million Pieces / cm²

    ● Sound Level : ≤ 45 dBa (Typical)

    ● Filters: Cotton Filter

    ● Remote Control Distance Range: 6 meters

    ● Dimension: 12.5 inches * 8.4 inches * 12.2 inches; Weight: 14.3lb

    ● AC Power: 110VAC. 50Hz; Rated Power : 120W

    ● Battery Power: Not Available

    Vehicular Power Supply: 12V/200W (Not Included)

    ● This Item Allows 2 People Use It At Same Time. Note: The Accessory Set To Support 2 People Use At Same Time is NOT included

    High oxygen concentration for effective oxygen intake

    Premium molecular sieve and seamless oxidized aluminum alloy sieve tube are selected to maintain a high oxygen concentration supply.

    The highest oxygen concentration reaches 93%, and it can still maintain 70% at 2L, which is much higher than other ordinary oxygen concentrators.

    All-in-One atomization function

    Atomization combined with oxygen inhalation, more significant with less effort.

    All-in-one machine has a higher performance compressor, the atomization particles are more delicate and can be better absorbed.


    High-purity multi-stage filtration. Cleaner oxygen intake.

    Innovative 8-stage filtration system, newly upgraded layer-by-layer filtration make every breath of oxygen is increased pure.

    Negative ions purify the air. Enjoy fresh oxygen freely.

    High-efficiency pure copper compressor

    High-efficiency pure copper compressor.

    Stable and efficient oxygen production.

    Pure copper oil-free compressor, stable day and night oxygen supply, 3000 minutes of continuous work, core technology to create a healthy life.

    45dB silent design & Intelligent timing Setting

    Multiple noise reduction design, built-in sound-absorbing cotton, fully escort high-quality sleep and a quiet space.

    Intelligent timing, flexible oxygen setting. Set the effective time of oxygen inhalation. Automatic turn off to reduce safety hazards.

    Intelligent voice broadcast

    Intelligent humanized voice broadcasts every operation in real-time.

    Large and Easy to Read Screen

    Built with longevity and durability in mind, this oxygen concentrator has a quiet operation & simple user interface that make it perfect for at-home use.

    Clear large screen, upgraded wireless remote control. More convenient for family use.

    Complete Package

    ✧ 1 * Oxygen Concentrator

    ✧ 1 * Headset Type Oxygen Inhalation Device

    ✧ 1 * Atomizing Set

    ✧ 1 * Nasal Cannula

    ✧ 1 * Replace Protective Tube

    ✧ 1 * Remote Control

    ✧ 1 * Power Cable

    ✧ 1 * Operation Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    David Abel

    The oxygen concentrator arrived within days of ordering in perfect condition. The customer service rep was a great help -- very courteous and patient with questions. Very satisfied customer!

    Eleanore Hirthe

    Everything in the order process went well. People were friendly and helpful.


    Machine works well.I used to rent from an Oxygen supply company. They were charging me $180 a month for the rental and Medicare was going to pay very little or nothing. Now this machine it's mine no rental fee!


    I ordered my machine and feel they gave me the best buy for the machine. they were very helpful and did exactly what they said. it is very hard today to find a company that is so concerned for the customer . these are very good people who have a interest in helping all they can. I would and have recommended this company to many others.


    The machine has operated flawlessly since being received. Machine arrived promptly, well packaged. Goodby to high rental costs!