Oxygen Concentrator For Healthy Living

January 31, 2023

Oxygen Concentrator For Healthy Living

All of us need oxygen to maintain a healthy respiratory system, and illnesses including asthma, lung infections, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, the flu, COPD, and COVID-19 health problems can decrease oxygen levels, leading to Hypoxia.

What Is Hypoxia, And What Effects Does It Have On The Body?

When your body's tissues do not receive enough oxygen, this is referred to as hypoxia. Conditions like this are deadly. Within minutes of the onset of symptoms, your brain, liver, and other organs might face damage if you don't get enough oxygen. Damage to the heart and brain is highly dangerous and lethal. Long-lasting hypoxia can result in coma, tremors, and even brain death when it persists over extended periods.

When the oxygen levels fall below a certain threshold, or a person falls under a hypoxic condition, extra oxygen is necessary as oxygen treatment using an oxygen concentrator to prevent the health condition from deteriorating.

What Is An Oxygen Concentrator?

An oxygen concentrator is a medical gadget that assists persons with low amounts of oxygen. Oxygen concentrators absorb ambient air, remove nitrogen, and deliver medical-grade oxygen, thus also preventing hypoxemia-related issues in patients with respiratory diseases and COVID-19.

Oxygen Concentrator In Daily Life

According to studies, daily living activities can be challenging for respiratory patients since they can cause Dyspnea (shortness of breath) and oxygen desaturation, which means the proportion of oxygen in the blood is lower than it should be. This is why such patients require oxygen concentrators, which help to enhance their quality of life.

·        Reduced Shortness of Breath

Low oxygen levels cause shortness of breath, and if you have COPD or another respiratory illness, raising the concentration of oxygen in the lungs is the best approach to relieve feelings of breathlessness.

Using a portable oxygen concentrator all day long will keep you from feeling breathless, lowering your risk of a COPD exacerbation. Many people find it challenging to keep up with their friends or family because they constantly need to stop to relax. However, with a portable oxygen concentrator, you can simply modify the quantity of oxygen you're receiving so that you don't have to stop so frequently throughout daily activities to catch your breath.

·        Increased Cognitive Attention

It might be difficult to have a "sharp" mind with a respiratory condition or low oxygen level. However, by taking a portable oxygen concentrator with you everywhere and maintaining a healthy oxygen saturation level, you may rule out one potential cause of cognitive loss while you go about your everyday life. Keeping your oxygen levels up will keep your mind alert so you can drive safely, whether driving to the supermarket or doing tasks around the house.

·        Higher Tolerance For Exercise

It can be challenging for many people with COPD and other chronic diseases to exercise on their own. This is because physical effort raises your body's need for oxygen, forcing your lungs to work harder and making breathing more challenging. However, utilizing an oxygen concentrator while jogging, walking, or doing any other form of physical activity might make it easier for you to breathe. You may be able to move more freely, be more energetic, and exercise more effectively with an oxygen concentrator.

·        Better Sleep Quality

Your respiratory rate normally slows down when you sleep. People who suffer from severe respiratory conditions may encounter problems. The decreased breathing rate might cause your oxygen saturation to drop below normal levels if you already have poor lung function.

While you sleep, an oxygen concentrator will give you a constant flow of oxygen. You might feel more at ease and safe while sleeping at night rather than breathless and nervous. A concentrator can stop episodes of discomfort and Dyspnea at night.

·        Improved Mobility

Independence allows you to go out and accomplish things on your own whim. Unfortunately, some individuals with severe COPD have difficulty doing this. Traditional oxygen equipment, such as oxygen tanks, make it difficult for consumers to remain independent. These tanks can weigh up to 100 pounds and cannot be carried wherever. Portable oxygen concentrators eliminate the need for bulky oxygen tanks and frequent refilling. POC are small and lightweight, allowing you to be more free and independent.

Most POC devices encourage a more active lifestyle by giving users more mobility. Each portable and compact oxygen system has the necessary accessories, such as batteries and backpacks, to accommodate your busy lifestyle!

Precautions When Using a Home Oxygen Concentrator

  • The concentrator should not be connected to an extension cable. Connect the concentrator to a grounded power outlet.
  • Never connect it to an outlet that is utilized by another appliance.
  • Never put anything on the concentrator, such as beverages, plants, or books.
  • Never position the concentrator against a wall, behind curtains, or in a closet. The device must be able to easily draw in room air.
  • Check the alarm system regularly. Pull the plug and listen for the alarm tone.
  • Check the oxygen concentrator filter regularly. Any issues should be reported to the vendor mentioned on the concentrator unit.

Benefits of JQ-Energy Hub Oxygen Concentrators

The portable oxygen concentrator from JQ-Energy Hub has a lot of advantages. In addition to making breathing simpler and less strenuous, a portable oxygen concentrator also provides the following benefits:

  • Increases Survival
  • Improves Exercise Tolerance
  • Improves Mental Alertness
  • Offers A Better Night’s Sleep
  • Improves Mood
  • Increases Stamina

How To Use Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  • Connect the nasal tube.
  • Then switch the device on.
  • Verify that your battery life is enough.
  • Set the flow that your doctor has advised.

You're done! Now the oxygen is pouring!

Use mild dish soap to clean your nasal tubes once a week, but prevent moisture in the tubes. You may purchase a replacement if it is damaged at JQ-Energy Hub.

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