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  • Nebulization function: Provides effective nebulization therapy.
  • Negative ion function: Enhances air quality with negative ion technology.
  • Supports dual-user oxygen intake:Convenient for family use.
  • Continuous operation:Uninterrupted oxygen supply.
  • Adjustable oxygen concentration and flow rate:Cater to various needs.
  • HD touchscreen display: Easy-to-use interface with a high-definition touchscreen.

1-7L/min Adjustable Stable Continuous Flow

Providing 1-7L/min adjustable continuous flow,stable high-purity oxygen flow with oxygen purity 93±3%. The oxygen generator will run at the time you set. If you don't set the time,then it will continue to work.

Low Noise and Ideal for Sleep

The operation is very quiet, and the noise level is usually low,noise (dB): less than 60db,providing you with 24 hours continuous operation. You can also set it to use a timer. You can enjoy peaceful sleep whole night.

Easy to Use and Intelligent Control

Equipped with LED smart touch screen, one-button control and voice broadcast, the operation is super simple. The oxygen concentrator provides you with 24 hours continuous Work. You can also set it to use a timer.

2-In-1 Functions

Our machine has 2-in-1 functions. Not only the oxygen concentrator, but also the nebulizer for better health care. You can work independently or at the same time.


Product Size: 210*202*332mm
Carton Size :413*314*298mm
Gross Weight: 12.76lbs
Quantity /Carton: 1 PCS
Voltage: 110v/60hz
Power Consumption≤150va
Flow Rate: 1~7l/Min
Adjustablelow Noise: ≤38db(A)
Oxygen Purity over 90% (Only 1l/Min)

Complete Package

1. Oxygen concentrator * 1

2. Power Cord * 1

3. Remote Control * 1

4, Oxygen Tube *1

5, Atomizing Set

6. User's Manual *1

7. Headset *1

8. Nebulizer mask *1

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Lisa Lewis
Compact and Powerful

It fits perfectly in my small apartment and provides a strong flow of oxygen. A great choice for anyone needing a small yet efficient concentrator.

Thomas Jackson
Sturdy and Durable

The build quality of the KJR-11MW is excellent. It feels sturdy and durable, which gives me confidence it will last a long time.

Anthony Thompson
Improved My Quality of Life

Since getting the KJR-11MW, my quality of life has significantly improved. I have more energy and feel better overall.

Christopher White
Effective for Medical Needs

This oxygen concentrator meets all my medical needs perfectly. It has been a lifesaver for managing my condition.

Matthew Martin
Portable and Lightweight

It's lightweight and easy to carry around, which is great for travel or moving it between rooms.

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