1L Lightweight Oxygen Concentrator With Atomization Function For Home, Car & Travel

Looking for an oxygen concentrator to support you when you are having a hard time breathing? Our machine weights 4 pounds only and was developed to purify the air you breathe to encourage good health. 

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      ✔ No Prescription Needed

      ✔ Oxygen Concentration: 30% - 50% (Pulse flow)

      ✔ Inhalation: Nasal Inhaler

      ✔ Spray Speed: ≥0.2ml/ min

      ✔ Negative Ion: About 300,000 / cm3 (electron irradiation)

      ✔ Noise: ≤ 45dB

      ✔ Dimension: 21'' * 2.9'' * 11.6'' ; Weight: 4.14 lbs

      ✔ Pressure Range: ≧83KPa

      ✔ Touch Controller

      Carrying Bag For Travel (NOT INCLUDED)

      Battery Pack For Travel: Offers 3.5 Hours Usage (NOT INCLUDED)

      Small size, LightWeight, easy to carry

      The concentrator is an extremely lightweight portable concentrator. This unit weighs only 4 pounds, breaking the bulky feeling of traditional oxygen concentrators, and it's almost the lightest and smallest oxygen concentrator out today.

      Multi-purpose & Multi-function


      Negative oxygen ions achieve ultrafi purification of air, and atomization functions can alleviate the various problems of the upper and lower respiratory tract.


      You can use the machine in car easily with car adapter that come with package. And with the carrying bag and rechargeable battery pack (not included), you can travel anytime, anywhere!

      5 filtration systems to ensure oxygen purity

      There is a 5 layers filter system for the input air respectively, making the oxygen fresh and clean. And the seamless aluminum alloy molecular sieve tube, providing user better adsorption and better drying.

      One-button control, easy to operate.

      One key operation, equipped with a simple instruction manual, the portable oxygen generator is simple to use and maintain. Even elderly family members can start up and operate the oxygen concentrator with ease.

      Package Includes

      1. Oxygen concentrator * 1

      2. Power Cord * 1

      3. Car Adapter * 1

      4, Oxygen Tube *1

      5, Atomizing Set

      6. User's Manual*1

      Note: This oxygen generator was only for home health class oxygen machine. With it's timing function, you need to restart the machine after 40-45 minutes of automatic shutdown.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 34 reviews

      I love this oxygen machine, :) it's so easy to use and it really helps me a lot, it arrived at me super fast, well before the estimated delivery date and it arrived safe and very well packed. If you need an oxygen machine that works well and one doesn't take up a lot of space and isn't hard to figure out how to use I highly recommend this one :)

      Judit G.

      I ordered this machine for my father who needs oxygen supply at home. He is very happy with it, easy to use and clean.The product arrived a few days after I ordered and the seller was very kind and helpful whenewer I needed help.
      Highly recommend both the seller and the machine to anyone who needs an oxygen supplier like this at home.

      Jennifer F

      The part about only runs 40-45 minutes needs to be placed higher in the description. Due to this it is not good for travel. I need oxygen at night and due to this part being at the very bottom as a note it did not work for what I needed it for. Only reason I ordered it was to make travel easier for me. Waste of money and now I will have to buy something else and it will not be with your company. I already had it unpackaged before I saw the time limit and due to your return process i am not able to return. Very disappointed. Again, something like that should be at the top of the description to help with making the decision on what to buy

      Sameer Asmar
      Wonderful and solid unit.

      It’s was very reasonable, fast delivery and great communication. I had some questions and they were very quick to respond. Would do and have done business with them since this order. Highly recommend.

      Exactly what I Wanted

      Very nice and compact for portability and travel.