St Patrick’s Bundle Selection for The Very Best in Unique Spring Season

🍀You can get a “bundle” of oxygen concentrators for “Lucky Day Flash Sale” with the lowest price.
🍀No matter at home or outdoor activities, you can enjoy pure air and joy of life.
🍀Our green machine is compact, lightweight, and wonderfully quiet, making it an excellent choice for any home care setting.
🍀Our white portable machine (POC) weights 4 pounds only and was developed to purify the air you breathe anytime and anywhere.

St. Patrick's Day SALE

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      🍀Free yourself from the burden of heavy tanks or long tubing
      Our portable oxygen concentrator provides sufficient supply of oxygen, so you avoid having to carry additional tanks, which gives you an active lifestyle.
      🍀Greater freedom and independence
      It provides greater mobility while on your oxygen. It weighs only 4 pounds, with a compact design, it fits easily and discreetly into a shoulder bag.
      🍀Easy Travelling
      To charge our portable oxygen concentrator, you can plug it into a power outlet or portable battery. In case your battery runs out, you can simply charge it. You can also use the POC device while being in a car.


      🍀No Prescription Needed

      🍀Oxygen Concentration: 30% - 50% (Pulse flow)

      🍀Inhalation: Nasal Inhaler

      🍀Spray Speed: ≥0.2ml/ min

      🍀Negative Ion: About 300,000 / cm3 (electron irradiation)

      🍀Noise: ≤ 45dB

      🍀Dimension: 21'' * 2.9'' * 11.6'' ; Weight: 4.14 lbs

      🍀Pressure Range: ≧83KPa

      🍀Touch Controller

      ● Carrying Bag For Travel (NOT INCLUDED)

      ● Battery Pack For Travel: Offers 3.5 Hours Usage (NOT INCLUDED)


      🍀. Oxygen concentrator * 1

      🍀. Power Cord * 1

      🍀. Car Adapter * 1

      🍀. Oxygen Tube *1

      🍀. Atomizing Set

      🍀. User's Manual*1

      Note: This oxygen generator was only for home health class oxygen machine. With it's timing function, you need to restart the machine after 40-45 minutes of automatic shutdown.

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      🍀Power saving and easy to use
      Its advanced motor provides Continuous Flow Oxygen, while using less electricity. This item's interface panel has a simple On/Off Switch for easy control without confusing extras.
      🍀Convenient Design and Multi-Function
      Our Oxygen machine’s small form factor, advanced motor, low power usage, and lightweight, durable construction make it easy, convenient, and very popular! The non-medical design and green color make it unobtrusive at home in almost any environment.
      🍀At Home in the Home
      It is small, lightweight and inconspicuous so it fits easily into the home without disturbing daily life, and it's easy to transport wherever it's needed.


      No Prescription Needed / Free Of Big Bulky Oxygen Tanks

      🍀Oxygen Output Concentration Levels: 30%-90%

      🍀Continuous Flow Range: 1-7L/min (Adjustable)

      🍀Sound Level : ≤ 45 dBa (Typical)

      🍀Filters: Cotton Filter 

      🍀Remote Control Distance Range: ≤ 6 meters

      🍀Dimension: 14'' * 9'' * 12.6'' ; Weight: 14.5lb

      🍀Manual: View Manual

      🍀AC Power: 110VAC. 50Hz : Rated Power: 120W

      🍀Negative Ion: 10 Million Units

      🍀Battery Power: Not Available

      🍀 Vehicular Power Supply: 12V/200W( Not Included)


      🍀1 * Oxygen Concentrator

      🍀1 * Earphone Type Oxygen Inhalation Device

      🍀1 * Nasal Cannula

      🍀1 * Spare Fuse

      🍀1 * Remote Control

      🍀1 * Power Cable

      🍀1 * Quick User Guide

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